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How long have you been around?
We Know Data has been in business for a short time. However, we are working in conjunction with companies and professionals that have been in this business for over 100 years.
How often is this updated?
Daily, Weekly and Monthly – depending on the type of information.
Is your data just from the USA or Worldwide?
Worldwide. While our Credit Reports are focused around U.S. data, we do have Ultimate Parents and linkage and other information from other countries.
What are Public Records?
Business public records are records of actions or filed or recorded with a government agency for tax and civil obligations. These records are made available to the public. We offer both Bankruptcy and Lien and Judgment information.
What are UCC Filings?
UCC filings or ‘Uniform Commercial Code' filings are required whenever a company pledges assets as collateral against a loan.
What is your exposure/How many companies do you have?
We have over 28 Million Business Locations in our Database.
What type of data is found in a We Know Data Credit Report?
A business credit report presents a current, objective picture of how a business manages its financial obligations.
What’s in it for me if I contribute my data to We Know Data?
If you contribute over 1,000 records, you get a 20 percent discount when you pull WKD Credit Reports online. You also get to see how a company is paying you vs. how they pay others the next time you pull a report through We Know
What’s your pricing?
Our costs vary depending on the products you choose. However, You simply pay for what you use. We don’t have sign up fees, monthly/annual subscriptions to worry about. Spend a dollar, spend a million…it’s up to you and what you need.
Where does your data come from?
Our data is compiled from over 80 external and proprietary databases and presented to you in a report format that is useful and easy to read.